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Horse Family Launches New Product Review Program


Effective immediately, we are positioning Horse Family to enhance and expand our Product Review service in hopes that we can help you find reliable, durable and effective products.

In previous years, we charged a nominal fee to businesses and manufacturers for this service but have decided to now offer this service for *Free (businesses/manufacturers will need to cover shipping costs) to qualifying businesses.

So, what does ‘qualifying businesses’ mean?  

We are looking for products & services that would be utilized, enjoyed and have a positive impact in the equine industry for families and individuals who own, ride and enjoy horses.  In other words, we’re looking for companies that provide products & services that YOU would enjoy, utilize and benefit from.

Our criteria for ‘qualifying businesses/products/services/’  is as follows:

  • We will ask that businesses agree to be responsible for the shipping costs to get the product to us for us to review.     Other than that, Horse Family will receive no financial compensation for a product review which means there are no strings attached to the review process.  🙂
  • We will ask business to provide products that fall into the following general categories (as an example):  horse care, horse health, stable/barn management, trail riding, horse ownership, video/photography, equine related Apps, jewelry, rider attire, western pleasure showing/riding, tack, etc.   This list will expand as we move forward.
  • We will ask businesses to agree upfront to the outcome of our review process whether it’s good, bad or somewhere in between prior to bringing their product/service into program.  Above all, we are focused on fairness and honesty in this process.
  • Horse Family will post a 3-5 minute video on YouTube that will offer an honest and thorough review of their product/services. 
  • In the same light, if Horse Family cannot fairly and legitimately review a product, we will advise the business of that upfront and not bring the product/services into our review program.  We are going to work with business to insure that their products/services are a good match for our expertise and review process.  It wouldn’t be fair to anyone, especially YOU our subscribers, to do anything less.
  • Horse Family does reserve the right to deny bringing products into the review program for any reason.   See additional guidelines here.

If you know a business/individual that might be interested in this opportunity, please feel free to forward this to them or have them Contact Us.    Our Product Review Submission Form can be found here

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