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Product Review Program

Do you have a horse-related product that you would like featured on our site? We have  over 12,000+ fans on Facebook and Twitter. We will highlight your equine product on our site in front of thousands of interactive followers within our horse family/community!

Here’s how it works: 

  • Fill out and return our Product Review Submission Form
  • We will review your information within 7-10 business days and if your product qualifies, we will provide you with additional details and shipping information
  • Upon receipt of your product, we will *review your product in a 3-5 minute video.   We will highlight your products features, cost, durability, etc., and include a link to your main website.   It’s like a mini video ad!   We will upload this video to our YouTube channel and include keywords to optimize your product, usage and company.  The link to this video will then be shared with all of our social media networks.
  • If accepted into our product review program, individuals/companies will supply qualifying products to Horse Family™ at no charge to Horse Family.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of the individual/company.  Due to limited time, these products will not be returned.
  • Additional program information can be found here:

    *Turnaround time will vary depending how many reviews are pending in queue prior to your order.