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Advertise with Horse Family: Promote Your Equine Products Online


Advertise With Horse Family

At Horse Family, we provide educational and fun content for the backyard horse owner. Do you have a brand or service that fits our audience? Advertise with us today!

Social Media Sponsorship & Promotions

We have over 12,600 Facebook likes, 12,000 Twitter followers, and 1,400 Instagram followers. We also have a very active Facebook group for horse industry business owners. We offer various social media sponsorship options such as boosted Facebook / Instagram posts, co-branded giveaways or promotions, and featured live streams.

Product Review Program

Do you have a product that you would like featured on our blog? We offer 4 options for our product review program:

Brands must provide their product to Horse Family for a 30-day trial in addition to the product review advertising fee. These products will not be returned.

Featured Blog Post

We will write a sponsored article for our audience with links and mentions of your product. We will always disclose paid partnerships in such articles.

Brand Ambassador Program

Coming Soon: Connect with our team of online brand ambassadors from around the world! We will match you to brand ambassador candidates who are considered influencers in the equine industry.

Contact Us Today

If you would like additional information on our advertising packages, please use the form below to request additional information.

NOTE: We do not currently promote any products that are not in alignment with our brand and reserve the right to decline any advertiser. Click here to learn more about our brand history.