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10 Things We Recommend for 2020 – #6 Stall Savers Stall Mats


We are heading into our third year with these stall mats and not one thing has changed.   These stall mats remain durable, comfortable, versatile and functional. 

Stall Saver Mats after installation

These mats were easy to install and provide maximum comfort for our horses (and us when we’re cleaning stalls).   In addition to being affordable, Stall Savers are one single piece of material so there is no curling or peeling anywhere and that maximizes the safety of both horse & rider.  No tripping, no slipping….all things that are crucial to providing a safe environment.

Drainage has always been one of our top priorities and after 2 years of constant use, the drainage these stall mats offer is consistent and unprecedented in its reliability and effectiveness.  Urine drains through the stall mats which enables our horses to stay dry and eliminates the ammonia smells that can cause respiratory issues.

We receive no compensation, financial or otherwise from Stall Savers.   We believe in sharing what we love, what works and the things we have found success with, with our Horse Family community/family!

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Additional information on Stall Saver Stall Mats can be found here


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