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10 Things We Recommend for 2020 – #4 & 5 Fly Masks from Shires & Professional Choice


We admit it, we couldn’t pick just one so we had to tell you about our two favorite fly masks!

We love this fly mask from Shires for a variety of reasons:  it offers more room in the eye area, it’s easy to get off and on, it’s difficult for your horse to get OFF and it’s durable.

There were no rips or tears and it was a perfect fit for my horse “Max” who has always found a way to rip, tear or get his previous fly masks, off.  In addition, other fly masks fit too close to his eyes which made the others uncomfortable.  Maybe that’s why he was so successful in getting them off!   This mask offered the protection needed from this years horrible fly problems and it remains in perfect shape!    We purchased this from Amazon but I’m certain it’s available from other sources as well.  We (including “Max”) give this mask a hearty thumbs-up!

Our other ‘favorite’ when it comes to fly masks is this one from Professionals Choice.   We love the fact that this fly mask slips quickly on and off with no velcro.  The material is soft and lightweight and it also offers great protection and durability.   This mask worked perfectly for a majority of our horses.

We purchased several of these masks in different colors and sizes and they fit all of them, ‘like a glove’.  We found this mask was a bit easier for one of our horses (“Max”, see above) to get off  but the rest of our horses kept them on and they remain fully intact, without rips or tears.  This mask fits tighter a little bit tighter than the Shires mask and there didn’t seem to be as much room between the mesh and Max’s eyes and that was the primary reason we purchased the Shire’s for him.  

Between these 2 masks, it would literally be impossible to pick one favorite.   Different horses have different needs and we believe we’ve found two of the BEST masks in the industry, to fit their needs.   Ease of use, protection from flies and durability to us and our horses and we think they are equally as important to you.  For that reason, you can’t go wrong with either one!

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