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10 Things We Recommend for 2020 – #7 SmartPak Turmeric Pellets


Several years ago, I obtained my Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy for people and I also obtained several certifications for using essential oils for animals as well.  

During this time, I also began researching supplements and other complimentary therapies and modalities,  along with a friend of mine who is a Board Certified Integrative Physician.  She introduced me to the POWER of Turmeric when it comes to helping with inflammation in people.  As someone who suffers with significant anti-inflammatory issues, I began using Turmeric myself and the results were life-changing, at least for me.  

It was at that point that I decided to research whether or not this would be an effective option for my horses.

I reviewed the evidence on Turmeric with two friends who are highly-regarded Veterinarians in my area.   There were lots of trials and research on humans and Turmeric but few on Turmeric and horses.     The research we read on Turmeric with humans, indicated it was a POWERFUL anti-inflammatory and could possibly aid in boosting the immune system.   But that was for humans…how would our horses react?  Would we see the same results?   And HOW would we add Turmeric to our horses feeding regimen?

With the number of horses we own, I looked for Turmeric that was formulated for horses, easy to feed AND contained Curcumin, which enhances the benefits of Turmeric.   I found what I was looking for at SmartPak.    Again, I need to say at this point that I am not receiving any kind of compensation for adding this supplement to our list of Things We Recommend for 2020.  I am telling you about it because of what we have seen in our own horses over the past three years.

We started using Smart & Simple™ Turmeric Pellets three years ago with our 6 horses who range from ages 9 to 24.  Arthritis is an issue for our older horses and several have been on Prevacox off and on over the years for pain from arthritis.  Since we have been using Smart & Simple™ Turmeric Pellets, we have noticed our arthritic horses are moving better and are much less stiff and sore (even in brutally cold weather).   In the spirit of full-disclosure, on occassion, we will still utilize Prevacox for one of our horses but our usage has been dramatically reduced over the years.   In general, they seem happier and more fluid when they move.  They are bright-eyed, have good appetites and they seem happy.  That is a bit of a change from what we saw several years ago.     

Our Veterinarians see our horses on a regular basis and we did not embark on the journey with Turmeric without their supervision, expertise or input.   Even they are impressed with what we have seen over the past three years. 

Are any of these results scientific?  No.   They are informal results that we have seen over the course of the past three year but they are significant results and they are what we have experienced.   Believe me, if any of my horses needed Prevacox or any other medication on a regular basis, they’d have those medications as often as necessary.    I am a firm believer that modern, western medicine can work beautifully with other evidence-based research, therapies and medications.   

Smart & Simple™ Turmeric Pellets are easy to feed, beautifully and scientifically formulated and our horses love the taste.   No messy powders or pastes.   As always, we strongly encourage you to consult with your Veterinarian prior to using these pellets and we strongly discourage you from discontinuing any medication without consulting with your Veterinarians.  

None of this information is meant to be a substitute for good veterinary care.   Our horses will always have Turmeric as part of their equine nutrition regimen and they will always have consistent, quality Veterinary care as well.   It’s the best of both worlds!

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Additional information on SmartPak – Smart & Simple Turmeric Pellets can be found here.

Research information on Turmeric can be found here

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