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[Book Review] I’ve Been Thinking by Maria Shriver


I recently received a link to apply to be on the Maria Shriver Book Review Team.

I had NO idea what was required at the time, but I had been a fan of Maria Shriver and her initiatives for quite some time. The possibility of being on a ‘book review team’ with a New York Times best-selling author was exciting.

Maria’s tireless work and advocacy when it comes to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s have always been of interest to me, especially since my father is personally struggling with the disease. I went ahead and submitted my application.

I hit the “send” button and eagerly waited

If my submission was accepted, the only requirement was to read and review the book, prior to its Feb 27, 2018 launch date. This was simple enough with no strings attached. I just had to read the book and let Ms. Shriver and her publisher know what I honestly thought.

I eagerly filled out the application and hit SEND, knowing that I was probably one of thousands of people (many who had far more credentials than I do) who had applied.

To my surprise, I received an email several weeks later informing me that I HAD been selected to be on her team and I received an advance copy of her new book, I’ve Been Thinking.

My personal Maria Shriver book review


This book is powerful, filled with compassion, wisdom, and kindness.

If you’ve been wondering, I’ve Been Thinking… is not a politically motivated or based book. Author Maria Shriver comes from a very prominent and powerful Democratic family (Kennedy family) and was also married to a very high-profile Republican (Arnold Schwarzenegger) when she served as the First Lady of California. Today, she is registered as an Independent and seeks to find common ground that can unite and move us forward as individuals and as a country.

Inspirational Excerpts

The chapters are short and concise and filled with humor and tears. Each chapter ends with a prayer/meditation. I’ve received approval to share some excerpts with you:

  • Have the courage to go beyond your fears. The courage to go beyond judgment, to go beyond others’ rules and expectations. The courage to go beyond shoulda-coulda-woulda.  Live and write your own story and then be brave enough to communicate it authentically.”


  • “Expressing gratitude, saying thank you, is so powerful. It means that you see the other person, it means that you noticed who they are and what they did. It says to that person, “I want you to know that you matter to me”. It’s big. It’s a sign of manners, but it’s also a sign of care.”


  • “Our future depends on seeing our common humanity and finding ways to elevate it and move it forward toward a better place than where it is today.  We’re not here to destroy one another.  We’re here to connect with one another and help one another.  Our very survival depends on one another.”

I’ve Been Thinking… is truly one of the most inspiring and empowering books I’ve ever read.  At a time when life becomes busy, riddled with sadness, or a lack of purpose, this book is a shining light, showing us ways we can help ourselves, and each other.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what life is all about?

Until next time,

This post was originally published on February 14, 2018, and updated on February 20, 2021.

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