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10 Things We Recommend for 2020 – #3 Stall Fresh


We have been using Stall Fresh in our barn for over 5 years and we couldn’t be happier with it.   This all natural product absorbs & disperses moisture while simultaneously neutralizing the ammonia smell and that is a win-win.

Regardless of whether it’s during the hot, humid summer months or in the midst of winter when things are ‘closed up’ in your barn, the smell of ammonia can result in serious respiratory issues for your horse.   In addition to neutralizing the smell of ammonia, this product will actually ‘wick’ away the moisture in your stall which results in extended bedding life while keeping your stalls fresh smelling and dry.

Stall Fresh

Stall Fresh is composed of all natural ingredients and it’s so easy to use and apply.   You can use a cup/can to install or just grab a few handfuls and disperse in your stalls.   The essential oils and other natural ingredients leave your skin smooth (if you’re applying by hand) and this product will make your entire barn smell fresh and incredible.   AND, no more ammonia smells at risk of causing respiratory issues for your horse. 

Did we mention this is a win-win?  🙂

Again, it is important to note that we are receiving no financial or product compensation for our review or inclusion of this product in this article.   We’ve been using it for a long, long time and it works beautifully for us and that’s exactly why we’re sharing it with you again this year.   We love Stall Fresh and we think you will too!

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