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Remembering Tuffy with SmartPak


August was an incredibly difficult month for my family.

We lost a beloved family member suddenly and without warning. We’ve struggled since that awful day on August 6, 2018, searching for answers to questions that will never be answered. It rocked us to our core.

The stress and grief led to many sleepless nights and on one of those sleepless nights, I was trying to put a smile on my face by watching some of SmartPak‘s hilarious videos. (If you haven’t watched them, you’re missing out!)

That’s when I found this video entitled “Remembering Tuffy”. It was written by a SmartPak Customer who was Tuffy’s owner from Tuffy’s perspective. It is eloquent, beautiful, and a stunning yet simple reminder for us on love. SmartPak personnel read this letter in the presence of their own horses which made it that much more poignant.

The words “You Have Loved Me” are repeated over and over in the letter and video, and those four words helped me in ways that I cannot begin to express. I decided to share it because it gave me a renewed perspective on a lot of things and helped the healing begin.

At the end of the day, we can all take solace and find peace in those four words:

“You have loved me…”

Well done, SmartPak, well done.


Changing the World: Remembering Tuffy by SmartPak Equine 

Featured Photo by Mat Reding on Unsplash


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