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Effective & Affordable Skin Care Tips for Equestrians


It goes without saying that whenever you’re out in the elements with your horse, your skin can suffer.   Dirt, sweat and the sun and the weather in general are just some of the culprits our skin has to contend with.

I have spent quite some time searching for and researching companies who provide skin care products that meet the following criteria especially:

I finally found what I was looking for in products from LimeLife by Alcone.

  • Products need to be Safe
  • I wanted products that were Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and Phtalate Free for starters
  • The products needed to be Effective & Affordable
  • I wanted products that contained safe and effective ingredients and I was looking for a legitimate and recognized certification process behind the products I chose
  • I was looking for products that were Versatile.  For example, I wanted a hand cream that would moisturize and nourish my skin without leaving a greasy residue that would let my reins or lead rope slip through my hands.  (You know, the important things! 🙂

In fairness and full disclosure, I became such a fan of these products, they are now available through me.  Alcone has been in the professional skin care & cosmetic industry for over 60 years, specifically in the theater/movie/tv world (think of the productions of “Phantom of the Opera”, “Wicked”, “Kinky Boots”).   60 years is an eternity in the skin care & makeup industry and.  The bottom line is, they know their stuff.   For many years Alcone products were only available to professionals which meant the rest of us didn’t have access to them.   Until now.

I have been quietly using these products for the past few years and so far,  I’ve learned this:

  • LimeLife’s skin care products meet the Leaping Bunny standards which is important.  They don’t just ‘say’ they are all the things that I noted above, they need to prove it in order to get on the Leaping Bunny certification list.  You can read more about the Leaping Bunny Standards here
  • I’ve been using these products  for several years now (with the exception of Perfect Sunscreen which I just started using when it was released in July of 2018).  My skin looks great, feels great and there is peace of mind, knowing I’m accomplishing this without chemicals and that no animals were used in testing.   I am also Certified in Clinical Aromatherapy and this company includes quality essential oils in their products which is another win-win in my book
  • These products are affordable and they work
  • I don’t talk about products or services I don’t believe in.    I believe in these products and I’m sharing what I’ve learned with all of you in the hope that my experience with this company and their products can benefit you

I’m including a link to all of the LimeLife Skin Care Products but following are a few of my favorites:

  • Forty Cure Cream:  Aside from the fact that this smells AMAZING, it’s got several key ingredients that caught my Clinical Aromatherapists eye:  Tamanu Seed Oil and Lavender Essential Oil, both of which are incredibly healing on their own.  Together, they are a powerhouse.  I use this for moisturizing, for the benefits that the Tamanu and Lavender oils bring to the table and on scars and wounds and sunburns.      This creme is easily absorbed so there is no sticky or greasy residue…no worries about the reins slipping through your hands! 😉
  • Bamboo Renew:   I use this lemony scented body scrub after a long day at the barn.   Gently exfoliates my skin and there is a great blend of essential oils which includes Lemongrass in this product and that helps ease my muscles after a strenuous day.
  • Farm to Tub Bar Soap – Lavender Lemongrass – What can I say:  it smells heavenly, contains shea butter, coconut oil, Lemongrass and Lavender so it’s healing, rejuvenating,  moisturizing, helpful in reducing inflammation and it does all that AND gets the dirt off  🙂
  • Perfect Sunscreen –  This is a new product (released in June/July 2018) so while I haven’t been using this as long as the rest of products, I can vouch for the fact that this SPF 30 sunscreen contains organic and plant based ingredients that will help moisturize and protect your skin from hazardous damage from the sun while fighting signs of aging.  Who doesn’t love that?   I wear it alone and before applying makeup and love how it goes on and the protection it offers.

One Drop Wonder.   Full of antioxidants, rich in Omega-6 and so much more.  There is not enough time or room for me to tell you about how wonderful this product is but I hope you will check out the link and learn more about it, read the testimonials and then try it for yourself.   Best skin care product anywhere, hands down.  Sunburns, wounds, scars, repairing damaged skin…this product really is a One Drop Wonder.  I use this product every single day.    (This Iowa girl is also very proud to say this product hails from Iowa!)

I’d LOVE to hear about the products that you can’t live without when you’re working with your horse or enjoying a night out with friends.   It’s up to us to help each other out and share products that we use and believe in and I cannot wait to hear what yours are.

If you’d like samples of any of these products, please let me know and I’ll be happy to mail them out to you!

Stay tuned for products that my horses can’t live without!

Until Next Time,



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