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Grooming.Hands.Wood.LeashI’m not someone who has to have hundreds of products for my horse.   I tend to like simple, practical and affordable products that will benefit my horse and myself.

Recently, I was intrigued by the concept of grooming gloves however.   I was used to the traditional and usual array of grooming brushes and in all honesty, I was concerned that grooming gloves might be a bit gimmicky. After all, I have ALL these brushes available so what could grooming gloves offer that convention brushes didn’t?     It turns out, a lot.

I decided to order several top-rated grooming gloves from different suppliers and try them.   It was an interesting process.   Most were average, and others ended up in the garbage but none of them really made me think I needed grooming gloves.

And then I found Grooming Hands.   Let me share just a few of the reasons I love these gloves:

    • These gloves are comfortable. It almost feels like you’re not wearing any gloves at all which is saying something.   The gloves conformed nicely to my hand.   They are lightweight, cool and comfortable, something I really appreciated on some remarkably hot & humid summer days.


    • The thumb, and tips of both the pointer and pinky fingers gives you much more versatility when it comes to accessing tight areas. I could easily maneuver around the ears, under the jaw, up and down the legs, under the belly, etc.   The areas that are difficult to reach with brushes and some other gloves are easily accessible with Grooming Hands™.   In addition, I could easily take a halter off or on, grip bottles, latch fences, etc..  I didn’t find this level of versatility with other gloves.


    • The plastic grooming portion of the gloves is rigid enough to be very effective in loosening dirt but not so rigid it’s uncomfortable for your horse. Believe, some were so rigid, my horses were uncomfortable.   In addition, the rigidity of those gloves made it difficult for me to effectively maneuver and cover all areas on my horse.


    • I had no issues with static at all and that was an issue with other gloves.


    • These gloves do a nice job of loosening dirt, mud, dried sweat and….they leave the coat shiny.   Leaving the coat shiny was something the other gloves I tried did not do.


    • I bathed and groomed repeatedly (on a number of different horses I might add) and these gloves provided consistent results each and every time.   Bathing was quick and easy because I didn’t have to take these gloves off to open or close a shampoo bottle.   I did have to take some of the other gloves off to open bottles and it’s difficult to get a wet glove, back on.


    • When I used these gloves on really dirty horses, I could see the dirt on the outside of the gloves, but my hands didn’t get dirty.   It’s almost as if the dirt couldn’t permeate the material.   I can’t explain why that is, but it is a plus in my book!


    • Using Grooming Gloves is a great workout!   I found that you can reach so many more areas on your horse….you just keep grooming, grooming and then more grooming!


  • And last but not least and certainly the BEST OF ALL:   my horses absolutely love it when I groom them with these gloves on! There was yawning and sighing (them, not me! J), several rested their head on my shoulder and I could literally feel them relax. Did I mention this was the best part?!

Grooming Hands Anti-Static Grooming and Massaging Gloves

I truly appreciate the versatility and effectiveness of these gloves but at the end of the day, I believe these gloves actually helped me improve my bond and relationship with my horse.   Honestly, I didn’t really expect to be saying that in this review, but it’s true.   A clean, happy horse and an owner who feels even more connected….it doesn’t get any better than that!

Two Thumbs UP for Grooming Hands™!

For more information and/or to order, visit www.groominghands.com.

Until next time,


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