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How to Find the Perfect Cowboy Boots


timsboots-150x150Ever wondered how to find the perfect pair of cowboy boots? I definitely have, considering that my only nice pair of cowboy boots cost me about fifty bucks and came from Sears. They’re cute enough, sure, but far from being legit. That’s why I asked Tim Urling of Tim’s Boots to share his insight on how to pick a great pair of quality boots on this week’s #HorseChat.

Q) What is the number 1 thing you look for when shopping for the perfect pair of cowboy boots?

@TimsBoots: “Depends on the intended use. For me comfort is the #1 consideration, then quality.”

Brittany Lambert, @WishingWindsRan, shared that she struggles to find boots that fit her properly.

“Fit is most important,” she said. “I have a tiny foot and it is very hard to find boots that fit.”

Other deciding factors that were shared during the chat included:

  • Support
  • Durability
  • Design
Q) Do cowboy boots come in different styles for different occasions? (Ex. Night on the town vs. On the farm)

@TimsBoots: “Of course. I would never wear my exotics or handtooled boots for work.”

Tim added, “I only have about 10 pair that I use. 2 work boots that are just plain leather and I own 2 pair of Lizards, 1 elephant, 1 caiman tail, 1 alligator belly – all of which I wear.”

@GenoaNevada had a bit of humor on the matter: “Two styles – with and without manure.”


There are also over 50 brands of boots available on the market, according to Tim. “There are well over 50 brands of boots if you include all the Mexican manufacturers as well.”


Q) What features should one look for when choosing between a “fashionable” boot vs. a work boot? Other than appearance?


@TimsBoots: “There are so many variables in boots. Toe style, heel shape – most don’t realize all the options.” He added, “You can have different stitch patterns, inlays, collars – there are 1000′s of combinations.”

Q) What are some things you DON’T want in a pair of boots?

@TimsBoots: “Man made materials, plastics, cardboard, cork are all used by the cheaper manufacturers.”

Tim also said, “A good boot will be all leather construction with the exception of the rubber heel cap.”

He went on to educate chat participants about boot toe styles. “Interesting fact: toe styles really vary by region,” he said. “Texas area – rounded toe, NorthEast like snipped toes, California – sharp pointed, Tennessee – traditional pointed.”

Q) Do you currently have a favorite pair of cowboy boots? What makes them great?

@TimsBoots: “The squared horseman style with double stitched welt has become popular in the last couple years.”

@BeefCattleBiz: “Custom made for me!”

@Cowgirl_PMG: I currently am in love with Justin Gypsy boots! The styles are so colorful and fun!

Q) Do you do regular maintenance on your boots to keep them looking good?

@TimsBoots: “Maintenance is the key. Leather is a skin and needs regular cleaning and moisturizing.”

Q) On average, how long should a quality pair of boots last?

@TimsBoots: “With proper care a good quality pair of boots will last more than 20 years. Probably have to be resoled and heeled.”


@CherylHarless shared that she’s had her current pair of cowboy boots for 30 years. Tim suggested, “Even if you don’t wear your boots often, you should use a leather conditioner to keep the leather in shape.”

He also said, “Life of boots depends on their use. Hard working cowboys or construction workers should be able to get at least a year.”

Q) What is the best way to find the correct boot size?

@TimsBoots: “We sell thousands of boots over the internet. 99.5% fit right out of the box The sizing key proper measurements and knowing how the brand fits. Our team are experts. We recommend going and using a brannock device.”

Click here for a boot sizing guide from Tim’s Boots!

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  1. Thanks for the tips for finding cowboy boots! I have wanted a pair of cowboy boots for a while, but I haven’t figured out what to look for. I like that you mentioned that you want all leather boots because they are higher quality. That is something I will definitely look for.


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