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Building Our Barn – Roofing Insights & Builder Trust


There is a LOT going on with our barn project this week.  Steel roof is completely installed and the steel walls are being installed as we speak.   The crew is SPR_3156Bhard at work on the inside wall structures, insulation and windows as well.

In the process of watching all the progress, it’s become more and more evident as to why it’s so incredibly important to trust your builder.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Our roof required 37 pieces of heavy-duty steel sheets (per side).  Each was 3′ wide and 33.5′ in length and weighed in at approximately 2.2#s per foot. If you do the math, you quickly discover that these pieces of steel are heavy and that length makes them bulky and more challenging to to maneuver during installation.    Cutting the steel pieces in shorter lengths would have made them lighter and easier to maneuver however, it would also have greatly increased the likelihood of frustrating and costly leaks.   Our builder, Dan Ulrich at Midwest Buildings Inc., insists on installing one piece of steel that runs from the very tip of the peak all the way down to the edge of the roof, for every building he constructs.
  • One of the functions of the roof on our barn is to protect the investment we have in horses, feed, hay, tack and machinery.   Like many of you, those SPR_3158Bthings add up quickly and it’s important to protect them.     Dan understood that and it’s exactly why he recommended (and installed) roofing with DripX ™.    Here’s a quick and basic summary of what it is and how it controls condensation:   when humidity and temperatures reach the dew point, moisture will easily condense on the underside of metal roofs,  forming drops of water.  Those little drops of water can quickly ‘rain’ down on everything below it, namely your horses/livestock, hay/feed, machinery or tack, etc.   Not only can unwanted moisture can cause serious product damage, it can also cause serious health issues for both horse & rider.   DripX actually traps the moisture in its membrane pockets and holds on to the moisture until humidity and temps change and rise above the dew point.  And then, as if by magic, DripX releases the moisture back into the air as regular old humidity, keeping everything below it safe and dry.

These are just 2 (of many) reasons why we have complete confidence and trust in Dan and Midwest Buildings.   We will have many more tips and insights on everything from ventilation to stall construction to window selection, coming in the next few weeks.   Our building project is in the early stages but the building process starts long before the hammer hits the nail.   Good communication and trusting in your builder are key components of insuring your end up with a quality building that is functional and designed to protect your investment.

Next Up:  Walls, Insulation and Windows

Until Next Time,


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