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Building Our Barn – Heading Into The Homestretch


It’s been a little bit since I’ve updated everyone on the progress of our barn.  Things are moving quickly and we find ourselves entering into the homestretch of this massive project.

Here’s a list of what’s been done in the past 2 weeks.  The “Done” list is much longer than the “Still To Do List”…we’re getting there!SPR_3263

  1. Poured concrete in halls and feed and tack room.
  2. Insulated walls and ceiling in arena.  This will insure the arena stays warm and or cool, depending on the season.   We are also installing ceiling fans in arena and a fan system to promote good, healthy ventilation in the stall area.   More on that later.
  3. Insulated stall walls.   Our stalls are wood on the bottom half of the stall, and white metal on the top
  4. Interior arena walls are wood and white metal.   Our ceiling is white as well and we liked the consistency of having the same look and feel in the arena’s and stalls.  Plus, we wanted a light and bright atmosphere for the horses and for us!
  5. Began installation of stalls – (I’m going to do an entire post on that process – whew!)
  6. Stairs to hay loft have been completed and we unloaded our very first load of hay as well.

And here’s a list of things  left to do:

  1. Finish installation of stalls
  2. Prep ground in stalls in preparation for the installation of stall mats
  3. Finish electrical for barn and arena
  4. Pour concrete for front landing and wash stall
  5. Pour concrete for pad for the 14′ overhead door we’re installing in the back of the barn
  6. Install stall mats and – I will have an entire post on that as well
  7. Install fencing for new outdoor runs
  8. Configure and begin ground  work for new outdoor arena.   With the weather changing and temps getting colder, snow may appear sooner rather than later so this is a project we may delay until spring.
  9. Install walls and doors for feed and tack room
  10. MOVE horses into the new barn!

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I’ll have MUCH more to post in the next few days as we head into the homestretch!


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