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Building Our Barn – Finding The Right Contractor


The process of building our barn is officially underway and one of the MOST important steps in this process for us, and anyone else who is undertaking a project of this is scope is finding the right contractor.

Our priority was finding a contractor who was:

  • Willing to listen to our thoughts and design ideas and give us constructive feedback based on experience and insights
  • Focused on using quality materials
  • Had a solid, honest reputation as a builder
  • Treated our project like it was a project for his/her own family
  • Paid attention to the details and the craftsmanship

We found all of that and more with Dan Ulrich and his company, Midwest Buildings Inc, located in Cedar Falls Iowa.  Dan has years of experience, knowledge and expertise when it comes to buildings like ours and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with Dan and his team at Midwest Buildings!

Dan is President of his family-owned and operated building company and recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with him about a variety of things.    A focus on family, his employees, constructing a solid and sturdy building and dedication to preserving and building upon his father’s legacy are just a few of the reasons why we chose Dan and Midwest Buildings for our project.

If you’re planning on building a barn, equine facility, etc., and you’re looking for a building/contractor, what are you looking for in your contractor?   We’d love to hear your feedback so please feel free to comment below!

Hope you enjoy my interview with Dan.  Stay tuned for updates as we progress on building our barn!



For more information on Dan Ulrich & Midwest Buildings Inc:

Midwest Buildings Inc
6240 Streeter Rd
Cedar Falls IA  50613
Phone:  319-233-4718
Fax:  319-233.4185
Web:  www.midwestbldgs.com

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  1. My dad has been wanting someone to hire for barn building, and wanted me to help him make a good choice. I’m glad that you talked about choosing a barn contractor who is focused on using quality materials, because I think that someone like that will also be focused on a quality product. We’re going to have to talk about a few different barn building options and see who would be the best for what my parents are looking for! Thanks for the tips!


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