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Stepping Up & Investing in the Future – Our Youth


I have been working in and involved in the equine industry for a long time and one thing I have continued to hear, over the years is this question:   “How can we get more youth and young adults involved in the equine industry“.   That question has been on my mind for  quite some time as well.

It finally occurred to me that I’d been talking about it long enough, it was time to DO something so I talked to Craig Strein, CEO of the Silver Spur Saddle Shop and one of the contributors at Horse Family Magazine.    After a number of discussion on where/how to start, we reached out to the faculty at Iowa State University in Ames Iowa to see how we could help, to find out what resources we could provide to the university and students in particular.    The results were invigorating, refreshing heartwarming and beyond anything we had ever expected.

IMPossibleWe were invited to be guest lecturers in several classes which gave us the opportunity to meet with a diverse and incredible group of students.   There were students who were Equine, Animal Science, Design & Marketing majors.    Some wanted to work with horses, others wanted to work in the cattle industry and some were committed to rescuing horses…and people.     To say we were completely blown-away and impressed by the students and faculty would be an understatement of epic proportions.   Passionate, dedicated, committed, hard-working and full of endless possibilities & potential!   Together, we can remove the “IM” from impossible and we can create POSSIBILITIES.

After meeting with them, it occurred to us that maybe as business owners & leaders, we should be doing more and we should be doing BETTER.

We gathered so much information on ways we could be of service, ways we could help them achieve their dreams.    In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of their hopes and dreams (they were kind enough to agree to be on Craig’s online tv station, www.silverspursaddleshop.tv).     We have also decided to setup an Advisory Board made up of students and business leaders from around the country with a goal of providing career Advise, Guidance, Encouragement, Knowledge and Friendship.

I’m excited to share in the coming weeks, stories from the phenomenal students and staff we were honored to meet at ISU.    I think you’ll be as excited and invigorated as we were to hear their stories and to share in their hopes, fears and excitement.    We went into these meetings and lectures with one mindset….what can we do to help them?    What can we do to create possibilities and hope?    When we left campus, we were filled with laughter, ideas and were excited about the future we saw, through their eyes…and the time with them, helped US.   We are excited to work with them to continue creating possibilities, they are worth every minute of it!

We are excited about working with ISU and anxious to share more of our experiences with you.   In the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about ways YOU are helping the youth in your community!




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