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Welcome, Smokie Brannaman!

Smokie Brannaman

We are beyond excited to Welcome, Smokie Brannaman to our Horse Family, family!

In the equine world, there are trainers and there are horsemen & horsewomen.    Authentic, knowledgeable and gifted horsemen & women are becoming harder and harder to find but Smokie Brannaman is one of those rare individuals who truly is a gifted and remarkable horseman.  He’s also one of the most humble, funny, caring, honest  and passionate individuals you’ll ever meet and that’s why it’s such an honor to have him join us here at Horse Family…he’s truly one of the good guys!

Smokie Brannaman grew up on a 5000-acre horse and cattle ranch in Southwestern Montana.  Working with horses, cattle and rodeoing as a professional trick roper was his way of life as a youngster.  Upon graduating from high school, Smokie chose to serve his country in the United State Coast Guard.  Although his military duties did not always allow much time to spend with his horses, he never the less, rode and trained horses of his own and others throughout his military career. Smokie retired in 2000 from the Coast Guard and worked as a Corporate Operations Manager for a security company.  But he soon realized that his true enjoyment came from being around horses, training, riding and helping others with their horses.  394258_462198043813026_129839802_n

After working for 2 years as a stable manager for a large boarding stable, Smokie hired on at Ots Sunrise Farm to work with the young horses halter breaking, ground work and starting horses under saddle to progress to more advanced training. Smokie utilizes the training methods of his brother Buck Brannaman, Jeff Griffith, Clinton Anderson and others, as well as his own techniques learned during a lifetime of working with horses.

Smokie lives in Greenleaf, Wisconsin with his sweety and wife, Vickie and has three grown children:   Kat, Travis and Jason.    He raises and trains registered quarter horse of his own which he uses as Cavalry horses for his hobby, Civil War reenacting and Wild West shows throughout the Midwest.

On a more personal note, I have had the pleasure of knowing Smokie and his beautiful wife Vickie for several years and it is an honor to call them, friends.     They both have a passion and commitment to being of service and giving back,  especially when it comes to working with children and teens.   Big hearts with integrity, talent and a desire to share & educate….it doesn’t get any better than that!

Thanks for being here, Smoke!

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