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The 10 Things We Love & Recommend for 2020


It seems everyone has taken to the popular ’12 Days” theme when it comes to ‘giving’ or suggesting gift ideas this year.  We’re not going to follow the popular trend however…we are actually going to change things up a bit as we head towards Christmas and 2020.  

Beginning on Friday, December 6, 2019, we will launch our new series of blog posts that will highlight products, services, companies and people we think you should know about.   We will provide links, images, in some cases videos that showcase each these items with an important caveat:  It’s important to note that we have not received any financial compensation from any of the companies we’re going to mention, in fact…some don’t even know they’ve made our list (yet!) 😉

If some of these items make your Christmas list this year, GREAT.   If you decide you’d like to learn more about some of the organizations and people we showcase in 2020, even better.   There’s no bias on our part at all and we won’t be getting a ‘kick-back’ of any kind from this, we’re simply going to highlight some of our ‘highlights’ in 2019 and share them in hopes you’ll enjoy them as much as we have this year!

Stay tuned…the fun starts tomorrow!

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