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Lady Long Rider – A Memoir of Faith, Fear & Courage...

If you’re looking for an inspiring read or a gift for an equestrian in your life, let me recommend “Lady Long Rider - Alone...

In Search Of: Meet MAX

For the past 20+ years, my husband and I have been busy balancing careers and our family life.  We have raised two strong, independent,...

Retired Racehorse Project Seeks 500 Trainers for $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover

Retired Racehorse Project (RRP), a nonprofit organization that promotes off-track Thoroughbreds for multiple equestrian sports, today opened an online application for participation in the...

Improving Equine Health & Wellness with AromaBoost

The world of equine health is rapidly expanding and the product selection is as diverse as ever.   The list of products available can...

2015 Time to Ride Challenge & Spirit Riders

Our focus at Horse Family has always been to unite, educate, promote and build the alliance between individuals, families and their horses.   Today, while reading through...

The Remarkable & Talented Laura McClure – Part 4

Q:  What is the biggest challenge you face when you’re shooting? A:  It’s hard to get a good shot sometimes because if the model looks...

The Remarkable & Talented Laura McClure – Part 2

Laura McClure - Part 2 (continued…Read Part 1 of this interview, here) My daughter was reaching high school age and I didn’t want to raise...

The Remarkable & Talented Laura McClure – Part 1

I am someone who loves photography and I have great appreciation for the artists/photographers who have the talent & passion to share images that tell...

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