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|Cindy Corwin| Sept 24, 2014|
Have you ever met someone, especially an equestrian athlete who inspires you in a way that you cannot adequately put into words?
RevGirlI was privileged to have interviewed and met such an individual yesterday when I interviewed her for Horse Family Magazine. That interview will be published very soon but she is an Inspiring, Passionate, StrongDedicated and Resilient (frankly I could go on and on!) woman who makes the equine world, and the world in general, a better place.

I have had the great privilege to have met some great horsemen & women, clinicians, youth riders, trainers, publishers producers and tv personalities but it was truly an honor for me to meet and talk with this young lady.She stands out in a very accomplished crowd of accomplished individuals, and for good reason.   Her story is compelling and inspirational and I cannot wait to introduce her and her story to all of you in the next week or two.

As it was with my friend and Horse Family’s former owner, Mandee Widrick, my goal is to continually bring you the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to people, products and services.   I ALSO want to highlight some of the exceptional equestrian athletes (horses & riders) and give them the attention I believe they deserve.  In my opinion, there isn’t enough media coverage of equestrian sporting events or athletes and I’m going to do my part to change all of that.

So, with all of that in mind,  I am adding new division/section to Horse Family Magazine entitled “Putting Our Best Foot Forward ~ People and Horses You Should Know“.  This section will highlight the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to Equine Athletes and I’m talking both horses & riders.  Some have overcome personal, financial and physical setbacks and have persevered.    Others have found ways to motivate and give back to their communities.  The list of incredible attributes goes on and on.

In a world where there is seemingly an abundance of negative/bad news, Horse Family Magazine is going to do our part to showcase the GOOD!   We have some exceptional athletes (humans & horses) out there and it’s going to be a privilege to introduce you to them over the course of the next year.

Do you know someone in your equine community that excels and inspires those around him/her?   If so, please email  and I will certainly research and look into the possibility of including them in “Putting Our Best Foot Forward ~ People and Horses You Should Know“!

Stay tuned…the fun is just getting started!


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Cindy Corwin is the CEO/Owner of Horse Family Magazine and is specifically interested in giving back to equine communities and bringing families closer together in their love of horses.

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