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Nutrition for the Performance Horse


Choosing the right feed for your horse can be a daunting task.  Regardless of whether you’re doing work on the ranch, barrel racing, cutting or riding the trails, horses are athletes.  Regardless of the specific work/performance environment, their nutritional needs can change from day to day, depending on their activity, overall health and stress levels.

Many of you have reached out and asked for assistance in wading through all the options.   We reached out to Ashley Hansen, Purina Livestock Production Specialist to help answer your questions and assist you in finding the right program for your horse.   My family and I have been feeding Purina products for a number of years and have been impressed with their research, product knowledge and commitment to providing the best possible nutrition to our equine athletes.

Ashley has a degree in Animal Science from Black Hawk College / West Texas A&M and a Masters Degree in Animal Science, specifically Equine Nutrition from New Mexico State University.   She was involved in both the showing and judging teams during her college days and she continues to show and judge on the AQHA circuit today.  

Ashleys knowledge and expertise are valuable resources for horses and their owners and we think you’ll find this series of videos helpful as you navigate this area!   In addition, not only have we covered a lot of ground in these two videos, we also have additional videos on horses with metabolic issues, horses at all stages in life, and more.   Don’t forget to check out Part 2 of  ‘Nutrition for the Performance Horse’!

As always, we’re anxious to hear what you think so please send us your thoughts, ideas and questions!

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