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Nutrition for the Performance Horse – Part 2


In our on-going series of Equine Nutrition, Part 2 of  ‘Nutrition for the Performance Horse’ is officially launched!

Join Ashley Hansen, Purina Livestock Production Specialist, as she walks us through the do’s and don’t of equine nutrition when it comes to performance horses, especially.    Regardless of whether you’re on the show circuit, riding the trails or working cattle, Ashley can help determine what nutritional elements your horse needs to function at an optimum level.

As stated in Part 1 of this series, Ashley obtained her under-grad degree in Animal Science from Black Hawk College / West Texas A&M University.  She obtained her Masters in Animal Science, specifically Equine Nutrition from New Mexico State University and we are thrilled she is sharing her knowledge and expertise with us!

You can email Ashley here but feel free to add your comments and insights in the comment section below, as well.


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