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Moving Your Horse Home? No Problem.


Moving your horse home is something that can be quite stressful, but it doesn’t need to be.


You may be moving your horse to a new home with a better pasture and an improved riding facility. Or, perhaps you were previously boarding your horse and now have your own place to bring them home to. Either way, being prepared is key, especially when it comes to having a smooth transition for all involved.

With this in mind, here are some tips to help you keep your horse as happy and relaxed as possible during a move.

Be Organized

Organization is key for things to run as smoothly as possible when moving your horse home. Taking the time to get everything ready before the big day will help prevent unnecessary hiccups. Having some expert help from movers like Shiply can be a good idea too. Look for someone with experience in horse transportation, as their safety and well-being during transport is your number one priority. When you’re organized and have the right kind of contacts already in place, the stress that moving can cause will be much reduced. 

Allow them Time to Settle

Horses can take time to adjust to a change of scenery. There will be different sights and smells for them to get used to. Some horses can act quite differently until they are used to their new surroundings, so be prepared. It’s important to give them ample time to get comfortable. As part of this, don’t expect too much of them and give them the time to settle in. It’s also recommended to keep them alone until they have time to get to know any potential pasture-mates.

Be Involved

You may feel a bit on edge when moving your horse home or somewhere new, but it will help to be present and stick to a normal routine. Adhere to your horse’s normal feeding routine as much as possible and check on them often to ensure there aren’t any unexpected surprises. If you feel uncomfortable about the move at any time, reach out to other local equestrians or equine professionals who can assist you throughout the process.


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