Saddle Network: Effective, Proactive Saddle Theft Prevention

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[Copperopolis, CA] Just three weeks after its official launch, saddle theft protection service Saddle Network has reached the SaddleNetwork_Western-300x225hundred-saddle mark in its mission to prevent saddle theft.

Saddle Network tagged its 100th saddle while visiting Andrew Coates at Southern Cross Ranch in Esparto, California on Tuesday, October 16th. With lifetime NCHA earnings over $600,000, cutting horse trainer and rider Andrew Coates is regarded as one of the cutting industry’s most successful riders and trainers.

Upon discovering Saddle Network, Andrew immediately requested that the SN team visit his ranch to assist in tagging all of his saddles. Saddle Network’s three inch, flat metal tag that is marked with a QR code and individual number provides a visual deterrent to ward off potential thieves.

That’s correct – the tag is visibly displayed on the saddle skirt. Saddle Network’s system deters theft by giving anyone at anytime the ability to access info on a tagged saddle. The mission of Saddle Network is to help the horse industry protect itself from theft with the use of a small tag, the internet, and social media networking.

All other saddle theft prevention services require an additional piece of equipment such as a scanner to access information, but with Saddle Network, all you need is a smartphone or the internet. Full histories and statuses are instantly available on every saddle in the Network with a simple scan of the SN tag’s QR code.

Placed on the left side of every saddle, the Saddle Network tag is easily recognizable and unique. Andrew recognized that by tagging his equipment, he would be adding his voice to a growing chorus of horsemen that are proactively taking steps to stop theft in the equestrian community.

But, back to the 100th saddle. The Coates’ cutting horse operation is a family business, exemplified no more so than by the early interest in horses of Andrew and his wife Nicole’s three year old son, Talon.

Talon already has his own pony, as well as a saddle sized just to fit him. Andrew considers the small, well-used saddle that Talon uses even more valuable than his own competition saddles. For what parent would want to have to break the news to a child that thieves had breached the safety of the barn, and stolen their precious tack?

For Andrew and Nicole, having Talon’s saddle tagged was a no brainer. It just so happened that Talon’s was the 100th saddle to bear an official Saddle Network tag, and be recorded in the Saddle Network archives.

Talon’s saddle is a perfect symbol of the Saddle Network movement – preventing theft by proactively warding off thieves will help the entire horse industry, from the pony saddles on up.

To find out more about Saddle Network, visit and follow the Saddle Network on Facebook.

Article written and photos provided by Erin Gilmore

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