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Horses That Come and Go, Then Come Back Again


Sometimes life brings us horses that come and go. If we are lucky, they come back again.

In my early twenties, I was adapting to life as a newlywed while also trying to juggle my first move to another state. Born and raised in the country, I packed up my things and moved with my husband into an apartment just south of Boston. It was an entirely new experience for me.

My horse stayed behind in New York as boarding costs were 2-3x as expensive in my area of Massachusetts. I didn’t see the need to move her early on as both my husband and I were traveling frequently and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see her anyway.

This continued for several months, and being the budget-conscious person that I am, I wondered why I should continue spending the money on board in New York. I finally decided to give my mare to a friend back home as it made the most sense.

Lark in the author’s wedding photos | Photo by Kaitlyn Meeks Photography

By year three, my husband and I were moving again. We did some house shopping in MA briefly, then checked out some places in Florida, but none of them felt right. Eventually, we decided to head back to upstate New York where the cost of living was cheap. It was our intention to “float” there while we figured out where we wanted to go.

We ended up buying a house on Lake Ontario a little over a year later and started settling down.

My “horse” itch was back.

As my hectic lifestyle of travel began to slow down, I began thinking about what life with horses would look like for me again in the future. I knew Lark was in a good home and I was at peace with that decision. So would I just take a few riding lessons to get back in the saddle? Would I buy another horse? I wasn’t sure.

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These thoughts became more prevalent as I found myself daydreaming regularly about getting back into the horse world. I confidently told my husband that I knew I’d have a horse again. He would need some time to get used to the idea, so I figured it was best to start early. My anticipated timeline was sometime within the next 2 years.

A few short months later, I received a phone call.

My friend was considering re-homing Lark and was reaching out to discuss options and potential new owner candidates. I didn’t hesitate and immediately said if she was available, I’d take her back. I would talk to my husband to make sure we could swing it, but my mind was made up either way. Lark was coming home!

The reality of what was happening began to set in.

There are times in life when you accept circumstances for what they are. My departure from the horse world and horse ownership were no exception. While I had been at peace with the decision at the time, I didn’t know how much I would miss that part of me. It didn’t fully sink in until I found myself crying tears of joy every day for the entire week that I prepared for Lark’s return.

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” – Wendy Wunder

It was a day of celebration when Lark’s lead line was placed back into my hands. She is now nearing the age of 21 and is happily settled in at a wonderful barn. With the exception of our time apart a few years ago, she has been in my life since age 5. I now plan to keep her permanently until she passes one day.

In this experience, I have learned that many things – including horses – can come and go. Even though there are seasons of life that take you in and out of various stages, there is no greater feeling at the end of the day than returning home where you belong.

Horses that come and go
Photo by Kaitlyn Meeks Photography

Do you have a story of a horse that returned to you later in life? Tell us in the comments!



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