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Horse Family Welcomes Dover Saddlery & Ashly Snell


| November 28, 2014 | Cindy Corwin|

We are thrilled to announce that beginning, December 2, 2014 Horse Family Magazine will be partnering with Ashley Snell from Dover Saddlery to bring you timely tips and advice on everything from Equine Fashion to Horse Care Management.   To say we are beyond excited would be an understatement!

dover-saddleryFounded in 1975, Dover Saddlery has earned a reputation for being a leader in the equine industry with their products,  services and expertise.    If you’ve ever had the opportunity to speak with any of their Customer Service Reps, you know exactly what I’m talking about.   Dover’s personable & friendly Customer Service Representatives are incredibly knowledge riders and competitors in their own right which is a plus in itself, especially in today’s world.  Combine that with the fact that Dover offers some of the best, most highly regarded products in the equine industry….well let’s just say it’s a ‘win-win’ for you and your horse!

Ashly Snell

Our goal at Horse Family is to provide you with the best-of-the best when it comes to providing insights, tips, resources and product information.  Your TRUST in us, our recommendations and especially our partners is vital.   We take great pride and continue to work diligently to insure we earn and maintain your Trust and that is exactly why we are thrilled about our partnership with Ashly & Dover Saddlery….because they bring the same thing to the table:  Trust.

We will be including more detailed information on Ashly Snell in the coming days but we are certain you will enjoy her tips, comments and advice as we continue to grow in our partnership with her & Dover.   For now I will tell you this:   Ashly is an expert in Equine Fashion AND Horse Care Management and we know you’ll find her posts helpful and insightful!

Thanks to Dover Saddlery, Ashly Snell and all  of  YOU for being part of the Horse Family ‘family’!


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