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Equestrian Apparel Startup Embraces BiSaddular Lifestyle


Sally Tucker | August 30, 2011

bisaddular.comHow do you ride? Are you an English rider, Western, or both? If you ride more than one style, then perhaps you are “bisaddular” – that’s right, BiSaddular.

Kymber Miller, a woman full of heart and determination, is the Founder and Creative Director of a business called BiSaddular that is making a difference in the lives of horses and those caring for horses.


As a young girl, Kymber had a passion for horses, growing up in a town that was predominantly Western. Kymber naturally gravitated towards western riding including barrel racing and western pleasure, owning her first horse at the age of 11. After retiring her childhood horse, she began looking for a new horse and purchased an off the track horse named Teddy. This was when she turned to English riding at this time to try something different.

Kymber was well aware of the tension often found between the Western and the English disciplines. When asked which style she rode, Kymber began responding “BiSaddular”, which is the combination of disciplines not just English and not just Western. This word resulted in much attention and questions. After consultation with family, friends and people in the community, Kymber decided to trademark this word, and so the business plans took root.

The BiSaddular business began in October 2010 and turned out their first apparel and accessories in January 2011. These accessories include polos, t-shirts, hats, visors, tanks and more (see www.bisaddular.com). BiSaddular started locally by teaming up with a local feed store, soon followed by a tack store who both loved the idea and agreed to carry BiSaddular products in their stores. Kymber excitedly spoke about how they are going to expand and that they now have their own logo -Total BS – as well as a talented new graphic artist to assist in further designs.

BiSaddular has another perk – when you make a purchase, part of the proceeds are donated each month to a non-profit equine organization. Kymber, who stated that she wanted to “give back and to pay it forward”, recognizes that there are too many worthy organizations to choose just one, so the idea to donate to a different one each month seemed appropriate. They now have non-profit organizations lined up to support well into the New Year.

Kymber and her team are highly dedicated to their business and its commitment to non-profit horse organizations. No doubt Bisaddular will become a household name that means acceptance, heart, commitment, and dedication to enhancing the lives of the horses and all those who work with them. To learn more about Kymber Miller and BiSaddular, visit their Facebook page and main website.





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