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Complete Equine Organizer [Product Review]

Mandee Widrick | November 9, 2011 |

Product Name: Complete Equine Organizer

Website: www.keepingtabzorganizer.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/keepingtabz


What Horse Family™ thinks about the product:

If you’re someone who finds yourself in buried a disarray of papers pertaining to your horse, chances are you’ll like the Complete Equine Organizer.

pet-organizer_ceo1The “CEO” has 9 beautiful file folders inside, with 16 different categories. The organizer is perfect for anyone who has struggled to keep track of deworming records, past vet visits, farrier records, show information, registration papers and more.

Folders are safely kept inside of a durable plastic carrying case that can be stored in your home, barn or taken with you when you travel. This set also includes “health trackers”, which are extra forms for you to fill out with various info about your horse.

Each CEO can hold up to 4 horses’ information. If you need additional folders, you can also purchase those from the Keeping Tabz website.

Overall, Horse Family found the Complete Equine Organizer a very valuable organizational tool for horse owners to keep track of all of the important papers that you don’t want to lose. To learn more, visit www.keepingtabzorganizer.com.


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