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A Year Later – Stall Savers Stall Liners Are Still #1


It’s been a year since we moved into our new barn and in the course of that year, we’ve been looking at the things we love and the things we’d change.

One of the things we are still in love with is our Stall Saver Stall liners.    They have held up incredibly well especially with our toughest and most mischevious horses.   In a full year, there have been no rips, no tearing away from the stall sides and because the mats are attached to the stall walls in one piece, there is no dangerous curling along the sides of the mat.    The drainage is still amazing and they have reduced our bedding costs and finally.  Most importantly, our horses are comfortable for our horses.  All things we were told to expect but now…we have actually experienced them for ourselves.

Like many of you, we debated between liners, mats and the dozens of brands/manufacturers.  The installation was straightforward and the cost was affordable, especially in the long run.   From a safety standpoint, we don’t have to worry about our horses slipping on these liners and there is NO curling along the edges so we don’t have to worry about tripping on raised edges.

We installed these liners in September of 2017 and have had horses on them for a full year…and we LOVE them.   I think our horses would concur!   🙂

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Additional Info:
Here’s is an article I wrote in January of 2018 regarding the installation process and our reasons for selecting Stall Savers.   It’s important to note that Horse Family does not receive any financial or other compensation from Stall Savers…we just like their products and wanted to share with all of you  🙂

You can contact Stall Savers, here.


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