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5 Reasons Why Metal Roofing Is A Great Option For Your Stable


If you plan to keep your horses at home long-term, building the stable of your dreams may be worth considering.

Once you’ve decided that a custom barn build is the right choice for you, take some time to determine what features are most important. Selecting the right materials is an essential step in the design process, especially when dealing with the roof. While it is commonly overlooked by stable owners, metal roofing is one of the best solutions available.


Here are just five reasons why metal roofing is something to consider for your project.

#1. Horse Wellbeing

First and foremost, you need to consider the health of your horse. Metal roofing can help reduce the risks of respiratory problems by incorporating side ventilation that will aid in air quality and circulation. As such, dust and hay spores become far less problematic, especially when combined with regular stable cleaning.

#2. Easy Installation

When building the stable through DIY methods, metal roofing is perhaps the easiest roof type to install. When equipped with the metal roof materials list, you should have little trouble installing the sheets to the structure. Once again, the versatility of the material means you can incorporate design features like vents. You can also create a size and style to suit your particular needs. While you can still use a professional if preferred, most people are more than capable of completing this task themselves.

#3. Comfort For Horses

When thinking about noise levels, wood may seem a better option due to the sound of rain. However, only very heavy rainfall will create a stressful environment for livestock. Moreover, a layer of insulation inside the roof should reduce the noise levels. 

#4. Longevity

In addition to the easy installation, metal roofing is built to last. This naturally makes it a convenient and cost-effective solution for the long haul. Metal withstands weathering with far greater results. The fact that it won’t rot means that you’ll have far fewer repairs to consider and, in turn, you can spend more time in the saddle and finding the perfect riding boots

#5. It Looks Great

While your horse’s wellbeing is the priority, you shouldn’t ignore your desire for a great-looking design. Metal naturally looks great as a stable roof, working well with walls made from various materials. Better still, it can be manufactured and treated to show various shades. Meanwhile, when the right paint and sealants are used, the metal roof can retain a stunning look for many years to come. When added to the benefits of its long-wearing properties, it’s no wonder the best horse owners choose this option.


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