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10 Things We Recommend for 2020 – #2 Troxel Helmets


Safety FIRST has always been the moto at our barn and in that light, it’s fair to say I’ve been purchasing helmets for my daughters and myself for years.  When my daughters first started riding, I did a lot of research on safety guidelines and certification to help determine which helmet manufacturer would be best for them…and for my piece of mind.   While no helmet can prevent all injuries, there is only one brand I trust and rely on and for me, and all of us at Horse Family, it’s Troxel. 

Before we got any farther, it’s important to note that we are not receiving any sort of financial or other compensation from Troxel for this review.  Our own experience over 15+ years, combined with the testimonies from friends and other equine business associates is why we recommend Troxel.

Troxel has been designing, researching and insuring their helmets meet all safety requirements since 1992 and their experience and expertise, matters.

Images Courtesy of Troxel

Troxel is the only physician-owned equestrian helmet manufacturer in the industry.   The amount of extensive research, testing and design that goes into these helmets is unprecedented which has always given this Mom, the comfort I needed to insure my daughters were as safe as possible when working horses. 


Not only do Troxel helmets meet stringent safety guidelines and certification criteria (ATSM/SEI), the designs are fun and innovative which encourages more people to wear them.   It is important to note that no helmet will prevent all injuries but you’re far less likely to suffer significant, serious brain injury while wearing an ASTM/SEI helmet.  Does your current helmet meets these guidelines?

Troxel has innovative, ATSM/SEI certified helmets for every discipline and all ages.  Their focus and dedication to education and proper fitting along with recommendations on chosing proper helmet sizes are other key factors why Troxel has made our list of things we recommend for 2020.   If you’re in the market for a new helmet and safety matters as much to you as it does to us, we hope you’ll check out Troxel!

For more information visit:  Troxel

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