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10 Things We Recommend for 2020 – #1 Bit Warmers


Awesome Bit Warmers You Can Make

I don’t know about the weather in your area but here in Iowa, the temps can drop to below zero for about five months out of the year.    Not only are temps outside cold, temps in your barn and tack areas can quickly plummet as well and that can have an adverse impact on anything metal, including your bits.

I can’t imagine anything more harsh than sticking an ice-cold bit in your horses mouth.  You wouldn’t like it and they don’t either.

I knew there were a variety of bit warmers available on the market and I tried some with moderate success and others ended up in the trash after 1-2 uses….they just didn’t hold up.    I realize a lot of people will just warm them up in their hands  but if you have a lot of horses, it’s not always that easy to do…and it takes time.     That’s when I began searching for a company where I could purchase a pattern to make my own bit warmers.


After a thorough search, I found a great company on Etsy called Buckstitch Beckys.  They offer both ready-made bit warmers and/or the pattern for anyone who wanted to make their own.   I ordered both and got ready to evaluate to see which I preferred. 

1.  The actual bit warmer I purchased:  The construction and design of the bit warmer,  I purchased from Buckstitch Becky’s were superior to the others I had tried on the market.  A lot of thought and care went into the design and construction of this product.    It was easy to use, the design insured the bit stayed warm for extended periods of time, it could easily be re-used without having to always re-warm the inner rice pouch in the microwave.  And lastly,  it was easy to launder.   It has held up really well over this past year and I was anxious to make my own after using the ready-made one for awhile.   NOTE:   There are some fun color combinations available from Buckstitch Becky’s!

2.  The DIY bit-warmer pattern I purchased:  I was able to download and print off the instructions for making the bit warmer, immediately after I purchased it on Etsy.   I found the list of supplies required for this project to be very complete so I ordered my supplies and reviewed the pattern instructions.   The instructions were easy to follow and for $10 and the cost of supplies, I can make a lot of custom, functional and fun bit warmers for our horses and to give to friends.   These retain the warmth very well, are easy to launder and the mesh pocket allows the air to move around the bit vs. a solid fabric which may trap saliva and debris.    These make EXCELLENT gifts and are quick and easy to assemble and sew. 

Inside the bit warmer from Buckstitch Becky’s

The cost for the pattern was $10.00 which is very reasonable.   I made most of these by myself BUT a bit warmer would be a great family project as well. Get your family, 4H Club or riding club together and make these.  There are enough steps to keep everyone involved, they don’t take very long (approximately 1.5 hours from start to finish) and in the end, you have a unique,  handmade bit warmer! 

Click here to order yours from Buckstitch Becky’s and have fun creating something uniquely designed for the horse lovers in your life!

Until Next Time

Pictures courtesy of Etsy – Buckstitch Becky


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