Winter Boot Care Tips

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Hi Everyone,

This is the time of year when boot care is of the utmost importance to maintain your investment.   I’ve outlined  some easy and necessary steps to extend the life of your boots and they are as follows:

1)   The first thing we recommend is cleaning your boots with a foaming Reptile Cleaner.

Oakwood2)   The second thing we recommend is using a good boot conditioner on the foot and top of your boot.  Some good conditioners include:  Bick 4 and Oakwood Leather Conditioner.   It is important to use your bare fingers and spend some time rubbing a small amount of this conditioner over your entire boot.   The reason we use our bare fingers is because our body temperature (98.6) and this heats up the conditioner and helps it soak into the leather pores deeper, providing better protection.

3)  The third step in our process is to apply a thin coat of pure Neatsfoot Oil to the sole of your leather boot.  This helps add conditioning back into a piece of leather that has been consistently wet and dried out.

4)   The fourth step is to always add a little baby powder or foot powder to your boots before you put them on.  Applying powder helps reduce the friction on the inside of the boot and helps your lining last longer.

5)  There are several other things that are also important:   a) If your boot becomes wet, let it dry at room temperature and NOT at a heat source (ie like a heating vent in your home) and b) One of the best ways to truly save money over the long-run is to never wear the same pair of boots, 2 days in a row.   Over the course of time, this will significantly extend the longevity of your boots.

I am a huge advocate of the legendary and traditional boot shine and it’s something I do a Fiebingsgreat deal of in my store.    Over the years, this has become a lost art.  Since I was young, I have had multitudes of boot shines by many different individuals and through that process I have learned what I believe is the proper way to clean, condition and shine a boot.

At the Silver Spur Saddle Shop,  our main focus is on Customer Service and we take great pride in our ability to offer the BEST Customer Service anywhere, and that includes a Silver Spur BOOT SHINE.   Here at the Silver Spur, we automatically give you a FREE Boot Shine with any pair of boots you purchase from us.   We do that to help you extend the life of your boots and make your investment go farther and….it’s one of many things an online vendor does not offer.

Until next time!

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