Mold On Your Tack? Get Rid Of It – Part One

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My youngest granddaughters have been riding in one of our older, small saddles for several years and the time had finally come for them to ‘graduate’ to a new and bigger saddle.  I thought it would be fun  for them to ride in my daughters old show saddle which is incredibly well-made and fits both the horse & my granddaughters.   This saddle had been sitting unused, in a saddle bag in my office for a few years and it was begging to be used again.


Before pic of moldy saddle

With plans to condition the leather and get it cleaned up and ready for them to use, I enthusiastically gathered my leather conditioner, rags and unzipped the saddle bag to get to work.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the bag and found the saddle covered in MOLD.    To be honest, I had heard of people trying to remove mold from their saddles but it had never happened to me and I wasn’t sure what to do or where to start.   I could clean it, but honestly wasn’t sure how to handle the mold.

Fortunately,  I knew exactly who would know, Craig Strein, CEO and Saddle Maker at The Silver Spur Saddle Shop in Waterloo Iowa so I gave him a quick call.  After a quick discussion with Craig about the countless number of people who were having the same issue, we decided to make a video on how to remove mold from tack.  Craig’s been working with leather and making saddles for over 40 years and he knows a thing or two about this subject!   I loaded my saddle and video gear in the car and headed to his store.

Craig walked me through his ‘secret’ steps (they won’t be secret after this however) to remove the mold and then condition the leather.  The results were amazing as you will see in the images and in the videos.    We’ve separated the video into two parts and both can be seen right here at Horse Family and/or at The Silver Spur University/The Silver Spur Saddle Shop.  As an added bonus, Craig has developed two cleaning kits (one for dark oil and the other for light oil tack) which contains everything you will need to remove mold (and keep it away) and condition your saddle.  All in one easy & affordable kit.   Part Two of this video series can be seen here.


Here is our Before & After and you can see there is quite a difference.    Not only is moldy unsightly, it also creates a safety concern for both horse & rider, so we hope you’ll watch these videos and give mold on your tack, the boot!



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