It’s Really Happening…We’re Building A Barn

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Life changes.  Sometimes those changes are frightening and other times they’re filled with joy and the fulfillment of childhood dreams.  My life consists of both right now but for now, I’m focusing on the JOY.

I grew up on our family farm and had horses my entire life, until I went to college.    As a girl, I dreamed of someday having my own barn, filled with horses but there were many days, that didn’t seem possible.   I held on to that dream for years.     Life kept changing after college, my career, marriage and children, and they were all great changes.   By my mid forties, I was hauling my young daughters all over the USA as they competed at a number of horse shows.   Due to my job and my husbands, we chose to live in town so our horses have always been at a boarding barn.


Future location of our barn, shot earlier this spring!

And then…my daughter and her fiance’ purchased an acreage.   Rolling green pastures and enough land for a barn.   The reality of bringing our horses to a facility that was owned and operated by my family was gently moving from a dream to a distinct possibility.

We researched, met with a contractor, parceled land and got lots of input from leaders in the equine and barn/building industry and made the decision…we’re building a barn!

Contractor, electricians and a host of other individuals have all been chosen.   As soon as it stops raining, our ‘dirt guys’ will start moving dirt and paving the way for one of my childhood dreams to come to life.    Over the course of the next few weeks/months (depending on weather) I’m going to share our building process with all of you.   Why we selected the products, builder, location…everything with all of you.

I’m sure there will be highs and lows but we are taking a leap of faith.   I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to fulfill a little girls dream.   That little girl is me.

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Cindy Corwin is the CEO/Owner of Horse Family Magazine and is specifically interested in giving back to equine communities and bringing families closer together in their love of horses.

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