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The world of equine health is rapidly expanding and the product selection is as diverse as ever.   The list of products available can be overwhelming at times, leaving us to wonder just where exactly we should spend our hard-earned money.   After all, we all want products can deliver on their marketing claims, right?

The world of Integrative Medicine is gaining in popularity and regard, and with good reason.     The equine industry is adopting this blend of conventional western veterinary medicine and complimentary and research-based therapies such as Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure and so much more and… our horses are truly benefiting.    We think that’s a win-win for us, and our horses!

animalEOIn that light, we have been using a number of products from Veterinarian, Dr. Melissa Shelton, one of the worlds foremost authorities on the use of essential oils for animals.   Dr. Shelton and her company, animalEO  have developed a line of hand-crafted and blended essential oils, designed specifically for animals and in a word, they are phenomenal.    We have been using a variety of Dr. Shelton’s blends, including AromaBoost.  AromaBoost is a series of 5 bottles of specifically blended essential oils that can simply be dripped along your horses spine.

The benefits we have seen in our own horses over the past year include: reduced stiffness, reduction in inflammation, our picky eaters eat better and our horses are more relaxed.   AromaBoost was designed to help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, boost and support the immune system, improve circulation and help alleviate symptoms of allergies.   You can read more about the many benefits of AromaBoost by visiting Dr. Shelton’s website.   We typically apply every 14 days but Dr. Shelton’s animalEO website provides thorough instructions for beginners to seasoned veterans.

animalEO products are available in RTU (Ready To Use) or NEAT versions.  The RTU versions are truly that, ready to use but should not be diffused as they include Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) which can wreak havoc on diffusers.    The NEAT versions are pure essential oils and can be applied topically or diffused.  In addition, the animalEO website provides easy-to-use, comprehensive instructions and suggestions for safe and effective use of essential oils for your horses, dogs, cats, cattle and more.

We give AromaBoost and all of Dr. Shelton’s products a solid (and enthusiastic!) A+ for effectiveness and attention to education on proper use and safety, all of which are trademarks of the entire animalEO line of products.  

We truly believe in these amazing, effective products because we have seen the results with our own horses, over the course of the past year.  Improving your horses health & well being can be done with animalEO products.   Check out Hardy Hoof, GI Goe, Anyitis and New Mobility while you’re at it, we use them regularly in our barn and are thrilled with the results.   And finally…our horses smell amazing!  🙂

More product reviews are on the horizon so we hope you will stay tuned.

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For more information on Dr. Melissa Shelton and animalEO products, visit: and tell them Horse Family sent ya!

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