Carrot Kisses

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Lisa Marie Ford | February 13, 2012


There are carrot kisses and apple smooches
The kind that puts a bit of juice on your cheek
Don’t forget those slurping snuggles with water
Down your coat front, like someone’s chin sprang a leak

There are those quite potent silage breath grazes
The kind that leaves you seeking some fresher air
And of course those charming hay chewing glances
That leave bits and pieces tangled in your hair

There are galloping greetings with sudden stops
That “just happen” to splash you with mud puddles
And the “I’m so happy to see you, cause guess what
I just rolled in the muck and manure” cuddles

There are those silly giggling bits of laughter
From the tickling nudges to check your pockets
With whiskering whisps to take inventory
As if hidden snacks were on the feed dockets

There are those too sweet sugar cube escapades
With wild eyes and tongue sticking out in your face
Followed by the “Can I PLEASE have just one more”
Sucking-up head over the shoulder embrace


There’s the cosy-up for corn on a cold night
With a bit of snow to cover the muzzle
Just a pitiful planned effect with sad eyes
And followed by the “one more scoop, please” nuzzle

There are those surprising lizard-like tongue licks
When your hands are full or think you’re out of reach
Or disgusterating bits of slobber fests
When a calf latches on like a big cute leech

No matter how messy and dirty we get
How much grain gets munched down the front of our clothes
We can’t help but laugh and smile through all of it
‘Cause what else can we do, Heaven only knows

There are many kinds, techniques, names and phrases
For the ways we show others love and friendships
These are but a few seen around our barnyard
Written in moo cow and horse humor quips

Whether its kisses, hugs, cuddles, or nuzzles
It’s a critter “Thank You” for doing your part
They are a way to show love and say “I care”
And a special way to share your soul and heart


About the Author

Lisa Marie Ford is a Blue-Jeaned Photographer, a Farmer Poet, and a Storyteller. Being a Sixth Generation American Family Dairy Farmer, she lives and works on her family’s dairy farm amongst some of Nature’s silliest curiosities such as her apple loving American Quarter Horse, Cecil, and bell ringing Sheltie Collie, Bagpipes. Plus cows, ducks, chickens, calves, and goats. Lisa owns Pics By Lis, the Down on the Farm Studio; a photography and design business and is the creator of Critter Express Products; all 100% original and Made in the USA. Lisa is also the author of “the Critters That Call the Farm Home” Book Series; poetry and photography books for kids of all ages. There are five, thus far: The Bunny Dance, A Spring Dance, The Deer, Candy the Colt and The Great Apple.

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